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사회·경제·환경 효과와 꿀벌 방화활동을 고려한 옥상정원의 최적 입지 선정

연구자 :이보경, 이원경, 곽재하, 손소영
등록일 :2019-11-29조회 :876
연구분야 :환경
학술지 게재논문 요약

사회·경제·환경 효과와 꿀벌 방화활동을 고려한 옥상정원의 최적 입지 선정


이보경 : 연세대학교 정보산업공학과 박사과정

이원경 : 연세대학교 정보산업공학과 박사과정

곽재하 : 연세대학교 정보산업공학과 학사

손소영 : 연세대학교 정보산업공학과 교수


“ Optimal location selection for the installation of urban green roofs considering honeybee habitats

along with socio-economic and environmental effects 


 This study proposes a new framework for selecting the optimal locations for green roofs to harness the diverse positive effects for a sustainable urban ecosystem. The framework suggests selecting building sites that can maximize the benefits of green roofs based on the socio-economic and environmental effects on urban residents and the provision of urban foraging sites for honeybees. The proposed framework comprises three steps. 

 First, possible locations for the construction of green roofs are selected considering the purpose of the building. Second, the total monetary value of green roofs in relation to their main benefits and the costs incurred over their lifecycle are calculated. The main benefits and costs, including the reduction in cooling and heating energy costs, improvement of air quality, reduction of flood risk and infrastructure improvement costs, reuse of storm water, provision of educational and leisure spaces, and initial construction costs, are compared. Third, building sites for green roofs are finally proposed considering the foraging patterns of honeybees, by solving the maximal covering location problem (MCLP). We then illustrate the application of this framework to urban areas in Seoul, Korea.



The green roof candidates in Seoul

학술지 게재정보

∙ 「Journal of Environmental Management」 vol.189 pp.125-133 

 pISSN: 0301-4797 

∙ http://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2016.12.022

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Urban foraging, Green roof, Honeybee, Maximal covering location problem